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Discover how DHL Express in Hannover achieved efficiency and speed.

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At DHL Express Hannover, we implemented a solution to tackle their growing parcel volumes. With a closed deck shoe sorter, processing 6,000 items per hour, we enhanced efficiency and minimized downtime. The closed deck design prevents issues and reduces noise. Explore how we assisted DHL Express in optimizing their sorting system.

DHL Express faced the challenge of handling a surge in parcel volumes driven by e-commerce. To meet this demand, we installed a modular HC Sorter in their Hannover facility, processing an impressive 6,000 items per hour. This solution offered unparalleled efficiency and minimal downtime due to its unique closed deck design. The sorter also operates quietly, ensuring a smooth working environment.

Our system's flexibility allows for future expansion, and its advanced features, including barcode scanning and automated weight and volume determination, make it a valuable asset for DHL Express. We also optimized space utilization by installing mezzanines for non-conveyable packages and created a dedicated area for declarable goods.

DHL Express benefits from:

  • Maximizing uptime
  • High-capacity sorter
  • Flexible, modular system setup
  • Minimal downtime and noise
  • Efficient parcel handling

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