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Discover how DocData revolutionized their e-fulfillment process.

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DocData, a prominent third-party logistics provider in e-fulfillment, serves major clients like Zalando, de Bijenkorf, Bol.com, and House of Fraser. Headquartered in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, DocData is a leader in the industry.

Optimizing E-Fulfillment: A DocData Success Story
To meet e-commerce's relentless demands, DocData sought an optimized intralogistic solution. The challenge was clear: efficiently handle 4,000 parcels per hour while meeting tight delivery schedules. Collaborating with a leading material handling solutions provider, DocData aimed to elevate its logistics and distribution.

 In their pursuit of superior services and meeting surging demands, DocData built a state-of-the-art distribution center in Waalwijk, Netherlands. The core was a cutting-edge parcel sorting system, streamlining operations by sorting boxes based on transport regions.

 The solution was the sorter in the expedition area, operating at 3 meters per second. It efficiently directed parcels to one of 35 exits, with gentle handling, thanks to the sliding shoe concept. The patented closed deck design minimized downtime by preventing cartons from getting stuck.

In conclusion, DocData's collaboration with a leading material handling solutions provider and the HC Sorter's implementation offered a robust solution to e-commerce's challenges. This case study highlights the successful installation of an efficient sorting system that met e-commerce's rigorous demands, benefiting DocData and its clients.

DocData Key Advantages:

  • High-capacity sorting: 4,000 parcels/hour.
  • Maximized uptime: Minimal downtime and operational issues.
  • Modular setup: Easily expandable to handle 6,000 parcels/hour.
  • Low noise emissions: A quiet and efficient working environment.
  • Space efficiency: Minimal floor space required.
  • Gentle parcel handling: Parcel integrity maintained throughout the process.

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