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Discover how Ingram Micro optimized its intralogistics process.

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Ingram Micro, a key player in the Netherlands' e-commerce industry, faced the challenge of enhancing its expedition area's sorting capabilities. With a crucial requirement of handling 4,000 parcels per hour while meeting tight delivery schedules, they sought to optimize their intralogistics process in collaboration with a top-tier solutions provider.

More efficient sorting at Ingram Micro
Ingram Micro partnered with a solutions provider to meet their expedited sorting needs. The implementation of the Sorter facilitated the seamless processing of parcels at an impressive speed of 3 meters per second. The sorter, with its 35 exits, ensured efficient handling and gentle treatment of products through its sliding shoe concept, minimizing downtime and potential damages.

Partnership at Its best
VTS with its extensive experience in various industries including E-commerce, Third Party Logistics, and Consumer Goods, offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs. With a global footprint and a commitment to continuous optimization, VTS Intralogistics is the trusted partner that can design, develop, and maintain the perfect solution for your business, taking into account the challenges posed by short contracts.

High-Speed Expedition Sorter
Technical Data:

  • Operational capacity: 4,000 parcels/hour
  • Sorter length: 60 meters
  • Number of infeeds: 3
  • Number of outfeeds: 35
  • 1 overflow line
  • Scanning, weighing, and dimensioning capabilities
  • Product focus: Parcels
  • Customer Benefits

In conclusion, the collaboration between Ingram Micro and the solutions provider resulted in the successful implementation of a highly efficient sorting system, meeting the demands of the fast-paced e-commerce industry while providing various benefits to Ingram Micro and its clients.

Ingram Micro Key benefits:

  • High-capacity sorting: Efficient handling of 4,000 parcels per hour.
  • Maximizes uptime: Ensures continuous operation with minimal downtime.
  • Modular set-up: Allows for an increase in throughput to 6,000 parcels/hour with additional infeeds.
  • Closed deck: Prevents potential operational issues and minimizes downtime.
  • Low noise emission: Creates a conducive working environment.
  • Minimal floor space requirements: Efficient utilization of limited space.
  • Gentle parcel handling: Ensures the integrity of products throughout the sorting process.

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