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Discover how Wortmann optimized a shoe distributor with efficient shoe parcel handling.

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Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG, one of Europe's largest shoe manufacturers, based in Detmold, Germany, faced a significant challenge. Their goal was to efficiently process 40 truckloads, equivalent to 500,000 pairs of shoes, daily in Detmold. A substantial part of this load had to undergo rapid processing through a cross-docking process. The remaining shoes needed storage in high shelves until they were ready for sorting and allocation to the appropriate transportation.

In response to Wortmann's needs, we introduced a high capacity sorter. During peak periods, this solution processes an impressive 7,000 outer boxes per hour. It quickly directs a significant portion of the boxes to the outbound area, where a state-of-the-art HC Sorter facilitates their sorting and directs them to one of the 32 exits. This process includes scanning, weighing, labeling, and delivery verification. The remaining load is efficiently stored using an ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) in high shelves until shipping.

The stored shoes find their way to the high capacity sorter using the same route employed in the cross-docking process. The shoes are sorted to the correct exit with an impressive speed of 3 meters per second. An innovative aspect of this solution is the installation of the entire conveying and sorting system on the roof, rather than within the floor. This strategic placement optimizes the utilization of floor space and minimizes downtime by preventing cartons from getting stuck between slats and stopping dust from entering the sorter.

Technical Data

  • Operational capacity: 7,000 parcels/hour
  • Number of infeeds: 8
  • Number of outfeeds: 32
  • 1 overflow line
  • Scanning, weighing, dimensioning, and checking
  • Product focus: Shoe boxes and outer boxes

This partnership between Wortmann Schuh-Holding KG and VTS Intralogistics resulted in a highly efficient sorting system. It effectively met the demands of the footwear industry and provided numerous benefits, enhancing Wortmann's operations.

Customer Benefits

  • Efficient cross-docking process
  • Maximizes uptime
  • Flexible, modular system setup
  • Closed deck design minimizes downtime and operational issues
  • Low noise emission for a conducive work environment
  • Efficient floor space utilization
  • Gentle parcel handling through sliding shoes

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