XYZ Robotics and VTS Intralogistics

XYZ Robotics and VTS Intralogistics have forged a strategic alliance to enhance the delivery of automation solutions by elevating customer services in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Strategic alliance 

XYZ Robotics ande VTS Intralogistics

As Benelux countries, the Netherlands and Belgium are key players in the European logistics landscape, known for their advanced infrastructure and high demand for efficient automation solutions. With this partnership, XYZ Robotics and VTS Intralogistics aim to deliver robotic solutions and high-quality customer services, optimizing logistics automation processes and cost-efficiency for their clients.

XYZ Robotics brings innovative robotics and vision technologies to this partnership. The company provides robotic case handling solutions across different intralogistics sectors, including trailer loading and unloading, and mixed case palletizing. These solutions empower its clients to streamline operations, boost productivity, and enhance adaptability to evolving needs in the modern supply chain.

This partnership also highlights VTS Intralogistics' expertise in the warehouse automation industry and customer service. Their local presence ensures proactive maintenance and prompt on-site support for clients. Collaborating with VTS Intralogistics guarantees efficient localization and maximum availability of XYZ Robotics' solutions.

“This is a major step in achieving our strategic vision of becoming the leading Benelux provider of integrated robotic solutions within our industry. As an independent system integrator, we are constantly looking to work with innovative technology partners,” said Rik van den Boog, Board Member of VTS Intralogistics.

“By combining the deep industry knowledge of VTS Intralogistics with XYZ Robotics' innovative robotics capabilities, the partnership will address the evolving needs of modern warehouses seeking intelligent and flexible automation solutions and will enable both companies to deliver innovative solutions that optimize warehouse operations, enhance overall efficiency and will increase productivity.”

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About XYZ Robotics

XYZ Robotics' mission is to accelerate the advent of autonomous robotic perception and manipulation.

The company focuses on developing innovative machine vision and robotic products to enhance productivity in logistics and manufacturing. Leveraging an intelligent software platform, the company offers typical solutions including robotic mixed case palletizing, trailer unloading, piece picking, bin picking, and vision-guided assembly.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Shanghai, XYZ Robotics now serves a global customer industry base from automotive, pharmaceuticals, electronics to e-commerce, retail, 3PL, and beyond.

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